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    freedom of expression . Support pluralism, diversity of media

The world of the twenty-first century needs a developed and free media

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The center embraces all journalists who are passionate about developing the media and press sector and defenders of freedom of expression around the world.

  • We monitor violations against journalists and hold the perpetrators accountable through the judiciary

  • We defend the freedom of information and opinions and the independence of the media

Our next activities

north af

The first virtual conference for North African media

freedom of expression

Conference on Media Freedom and the Occupation


A panel discussion on freedom of expression in the Arab Gulf region

Center goals

The founders believe that the development of mass media and the creation of an independent press plays a crucial role in any democratic system.

  • Strive to root the concepts of media development and a free press

    among all peoples of the world, especially in developing countries.

  •  Work to raise the professional level of media professionals

    and journalists by holding seminars and conferences

    and providing training at the local and international level.

  • Combating misleading news and raising awareness of

    the need for citizens in all countries of the world to

    obtain reliable, objective and truthful news.

  • Promotion of the values ​​of freedom of expression,

    human rights, peaceful coexistence, cultural exchange

    between peoples and societies, and intellectual freedom.

  • Monitor violations affecting journalists and media professionals, monitor violations of human rights and freedom of expression around the world, and work to expose the perpetrators of these violations, hold them accountable, hold them accountable through the courts power.

  • Supporting and refining media and journalism talent, awarding motivational awards and regularly selecting the most influential personalities in the media and journalism field.

  • Encouraging governments and authorities to create a pluralistic media environment in which freedom of information, opinion and independence prevail, so that the development media can play their part without becoming an authoritarian or tyrannical tool of propaganda

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nonprofit organization

  • media development

    Through its support for media development, the Center works to provide investigative information and accurate scientific analysis of development problems in its various political, economic, social and other forms, and present it to its recipients of the peoples.

  • Rooting development media

    The center seeks to root the development media and development journalism specialized in issues of general development of the peoples

  • Challenges

    Facing and combating challenges such as poverty, terrorism, marginalization, tyranny, corruption and violation of human rights and working to consolidate the concepts of local and global economic justice, and the concepts of empowering marginalized or vulnerable sectors in societies such as women, youth, and civil society institutions.

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