Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not a journalist, can I join you ?

    The center has seven types of membership, and all segments of society can join the center.

  • Do you have branches in different countries ?

    Opening branches all over the world is within the expansion plans of the center.

  • Where is your headquarters ?

    Our headquarters is located in the capital of the Belgian Kingdom, Brussels.

  • How can we contact you?

    Contact Details
    Gsm/whatsapp/telegram/viber: +32 (0) 477340258

  • Do you have vacancies?

    The center periodically announces its vacancies, and those who meet the job specifications can apply for them according to the mechanisms set by the center.

  • How do we obtain membership?

    The Brussels Independent Center for Media Development and Free Press always welcomes all journalists who are passionate about protecting press freedom and freedom of expression and is pleased to receive applications from colleagues from all over the world. Applicants for membership in the center must review and approve the Statutes (available on the official website of the center in Dutch) and fill out the form Affiliation form (available in Arabic and English on the official website of the center) and approval of the affiliation conditions and submitting a letter of support from his media organization proving the continuation of his media and journalistic work or in any other way.. A specialized committee in the center will express its opinion on membership and after the approval of the board of directors, the center will Presenting the nominated membership to the president for final approval.

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